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More Trees Down

A few years ago, we had a couple years of bad storms late in October/early in November. This was inconvenient, because we lost power right before we were due to go on vacation. The reason we lost power at least one time was because a tree across the street dropped part of itself on our service line. It bent the pole, so repair was a little time consuming. During a later year, more of the same tree came down, partially blocking the road, but sparing our power. Our cleaner saw it happen, and went from being very skeptical of the governor's travel ban for the duration of the storm to being cautiously supportive. I was just happy it didn't take the power line down again.

This year, during the recent winds, a different tree on the same property fell down the other direction, on the owner's house. It made a hole in the roof and a branch hit some lighting; the police called the utility and had them turn off the electrical main. The owners apparently are not home (Easter weekend; not exactly surprising).

I feel bad for them. If I lived there, at this point, I'd basically be looking at how much money I had saved up, calling Tom Tidman and town hall and a tree service and putting together a plan to take a whole lot of the trees down, because I wouldn't trust them not to be the next thing to fall down and cost me more money. Of course, I may be a little irrational on the topic, given that it cost us a bunch of money a few years ago.

I'm glad no one was hurt.
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