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Attention Seeking Diva Fix Acquired

I had a good week. An exhausting week, but a good week. I did Welsh and Dickey, and I must say, ew. Trash on the trail. One friendly senior citizen couple. One friendly young woman with dog. Mostly unfriendly/oblivious/unresponsive people otherwise. And a fair number of them. Weirdest thing I've ever encountered on trail. I don't get it, but am wondering if the New Yorkers Seeing the Leaves phenomena might in fact not be over-described. Certainly any NY'er in the area is going to shut up and hunker down, given the way the locals react to them. Then again, if this is a representative sample of their behavior on vacation. . .

That was Tuesday. On Wednesday, I bitched and wailed about giving up hiking, at least locally. On Thursday I went up Mt Moosilauke. Roland, Mike and I started early and arrived at the top only shortly after the rest of the big group got there, so we all had a lovely lunch together taking pictures. Great day, great view. Did a little to restore my faith. That night, Nancy, my new activity buddy, left a message suggesting Pack Monadnock Friday afternoon, which we did. We sure do have different religious and political ideas, but I think we concur on the important stuff. It's so darn hard to get anyone to go outside on a weekday to do something that we don't much care about pesky little philosophical differences, and we can find other things to talk about.

Saturday Roland did an awesome job for two hours on WMBR's Aural Fixation with Sue. But boy was Saturday weird for me. I was so tired I stayed home, and spent an hour at the library book sale, where it was forcibly brought home to me that I am indeed starting to fit into this little town in New England. I walked in and was greeted by name, with some enthusiasm, by seven people. Then I went home to listen to the radio, and hear my named batted around, along with the tale of the leather pants at the wedding, and the associated nickname.

If I were an attention seeking diva, I'd have to say that would have satisfied me, however needy I might have been feeling. As it was, I giggled hysterically for a good ten minutes.
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