walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Customer Service at SugarDaddie.com is Unusually Excellent

I know, I know: I complain constantly. I in no way endorse this service. Among other things, they don't round trip email addresses on accounts, so someone was able to sign up using my secondary email address. Which I noticed when that inbox blew up with a whole bunch of people leaving messages for userid Littlebaby4u.

I sent them email this morning at 11:43: "Someone set up an account at your site using my email incorrectly. Please either remove any account associated with this email OR remove this email from any account at your site or both.

And consider round-tripping email addresses before associating them with accounts. This is really annoying."

I used the unsubscribe link, but that wasn't gonna remove the underlying account. I went to their website to find a correct email address to contact them at, because they were sending notifications from a noreply email address.

I received an email timestamped 11:56:

"Hello Littlebaby4u,

Your profile has been removed from our website as per your request."

(I removed the closing on both emails.)

Now, you can always monkey with the timestamp, and I went to lunch after sending my missive and before checking for a return, but either way, that is some wicked quick turn around time, and it appears to have been effective in terms of I'm not getting further email from them.

I feel like I spend so much time complaining about this problem, that it's nice to be able to say something positive about someone. Altho I have to say, being addressed as "Littlebaby4u" is pretty squicky.

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