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a Bit More about the i3

When I ordered this last summer and took delivery in late fall, I knew that I would be getting Sirius/Satellite Radio as part of one of the option packages I wanted for a completely unrelated reason. You get what you get. I also knew they would include some amount of the subscription (which I think is otherwise $15/month) with the purchase of the vehicle to try to get buyers to stick with it. R. and I each took a shot at trying to get it to work and failed, and one of the many things they sent me caused me to believe (incorrectly, as it turns out) that the subscription period was very short and had already lapsed (1 month or 3 months). Nope. The subscription included with the purchase was for a full year, and apparently they noticed I wasn't accessing it and started to think well she's never gonna subscribe if she doesn't use the trial period so we'll send her a genuinely useful and short piece of mail (paper) that includes what to do to make it work and a channel guide.

So I had the choice of making a phone call to activate while I was in the car, or using a website, so I went with the website. But the website wanted me to hit activate while the car was turned on and the radio was tuned and had satellite line of sight and then stay there for 5 minutes. I finally got around to making that all happen at the same time today and lo! Now Sirius works. Cool! I set it to Radio Disney and I'll see what T. thinks of that. He had wanted the Christmas station at Christmas which was the only other time I even seriously tried to make this thing work and we failed.

Minor negatives to Sudbury/Herb Chambers for not making sure this was set up and working when I took delivery. Minor negatives to all participants for sending me confusing mail, but compensating positive to everybody for making the trial last long enough to still have some value in it AND for finally sending me something pithy, clear and useful. If only that had been the first thing I had gotten from them.
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