walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Finding a FitBit

A few days ago, T. misplaced his fitbit. R. used an app on his phone to find it. I mostly ignored the process. Then the day after that, it got _really_ lost. R. thought it was in the area near the door between the kitchen and garage; I was skeptical. After some initial attempts poking through jacket pockets, I said, that's it, we're gonna be methodical. We'll move everything out, check it, and then vacuum and put back the stuff that belongs there, decluttering as we go. At least we'll have something to show for the search if it doesn't turn up. Getting my way on this involved a lot of screaming, because R. wanted to just use the phone to go through stuff.

Well, it _was not_ in the mudroom area. We went through the whole thing. I was convinced it was either up (in the master closet) or down (in the basement) or possibly through the wall (the playroom), altho none of those places had as good a signal. We finally turned to the pantry, where we found the fitbit in the battery bin.

What was the fitbit doing in the battery bin?

We _suspect_ that T. had so much fun playing hide and go seek the day before that he wanted to play again. Alas for T. (and the rest of us), once I get involved in hide and go seek, no one has any fun ever again. I don't anticipate this ever happening again.

If he'd _asked_ to play this game, I might have been willing to play. Maybe.
Tags: daily activities

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