walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

How (Not) To Develop a Social Life in a Small New England Town

Under the what doesn't work heading:

go to Town Meeting
hang out with your spouse's (who has lived here many years longer, but primarily socialized in a city an hour's drive away) friends

What Sorta Works:

Volunteer (at the local library)
Pretty good, but hard to get invited over to people's houses/invite them over

Attend children's play group/visit the town playground frequently
Better, but still

Join a book group
About the same as above, unless the group meets at least occasionally at someone's house in which case slightly better

Join a health club/exercise facility
At least you get some exercise, and you might run into someone you know

What _Really, Really, Really_ Works:

Participate in Town Politicks
People want stuff from you, so they'll invite you over, come over to your place and you have endless topics of conversation

I think this might in fact be what Politicks is for. Especially for us non-churched folk. Why didn't I think of this sooner? I thought it was all about Public Service and Humiliations Galore for Doing the Right Thing. But no! It's way too exciting at times, but definitely a great way to meet people. Pissed off people, but still.

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