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Interesting coverage of Apple Watch look-at-your-phone-less use case


Obvs, any article that doesn't mention Watch + Apple Pay is gonna set me off, so just assume I ranted about that and we'll both just move along.

First, it refers to some other article I didn't read: "Matthew Panzarino at TechCrunch wrote that the best thing about the watch, according to the Apple employees who’ve been demoing it, was that it let them basically stop using their phone. Instead of fishing their phones out of their pockets every couple minutes, they could check incoming notifications on the watch and choose to ignore or respond to them"

I turn off and ignore all kinds of notifications and calls, but if the school calls me, I gotta take action. The Watch offers the possibility of making sure I notice that without getting a whole lot of other stuff shoved in front of my face (another level of prioritization, and making sure I don't miss it even if my phone is tucked safely away in my backpack or purse). I agree with this use case.

Response in this article summarizes this argument as: "Making the best pitch for the watch would mean acknowledging that devices can be burdens, not just tools for empowerment." Uh. No. And I feel like this is a person who has never had to monitor the phone for a call from a dependent. But I could be wrong.

"Moreover, if the watch becomes the norm, everyone will know you received their text, snap, or mention and expect you to reply immediately. Now a delayed reply might mean you didn’t hear your phone; with a watch, it means you’re just being rude."

Wow. The author needs friends who are not that co-dependent. Seriously? Everyone _I_ know understands that they exist somewhere in a priority ordering of children, other dependents, jobs, prior commitments. I know you got my message. I trust you to get to me wherever it is that I fall in the priority order. And other than my husband, I don't think I'm that high on the list (my husband doesn't de-prioritize me, so if he doesn't reply, it's because he didn't feel the phone buzz in his jacket -- and the Watch would fix that problem just fine. Don't be giving me that look. Give him the benefit of the doubt. _I_ am, and he's _my_ husband, not yours). When I inadvertently become socially connected to someone who gets huffy when I don't Get Back To Them Instantly, I make sure the separation widens until the gulf is unbridgeable.

The author _does_ have an excellent conclusion:

" I can also imagine plenty of cases where it makes all these problems far worse, which is just another reason for Apple to stay away from the subject."

_That_ I completely agree with. Making the pro-Watch case by pointing out all the people who are oblivious to what is going on around them because their nose is pointed at their phone is not a good idea for Apple.
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