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Welcome to March

Last Sunday, my friend M. was writing a check and commenting she had to be very careful to write 2015, because it was so easy to keep writing 2014. Ain't that the truth!

Here's what greeted me in email this morning:

"Subject: We've Updated Our Privacy Policy
From: "Hulu"
Date: Wed, March 11, 2015 9:52 pm"

[rest of header deleted, and the beginning of the message was a link]

"It's been an exciting 2014 so far at Hulu! We're thrilled with the response to our
Originals (like 'The Awesomes' and 'The Hotwives of Orlando',) and have continued to
acquire exciting content (like 'The Bridge' and 'Manhattan'.) Throughout 2014 and in
the years to come, we remain committed to providing the best user experience

So it's not just me, or even me and my friend M. Other people have trouble remembering what year it is, well into March.

Back to freezing again, so when walking, watch out for that ice. It's slippery where the snow was melting yesterday, when it was over 20 degrees warmer.

ETA: To be fair to Hulu, they reused the text portion of the email from last year. If you read it on a device that correctly displays the ... not-text version of the email, it does say 2015. Transcribed, it starts:

"2015 is in full swing, and here at Hulu we're looking forward to our most exciting year yet."

But basically, you get two wildly different emails, depending on whether you read the HTML or wtf version or the text version, which is a pretty serious error, imo.
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