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Daily Activities include: horse! local thefts/break-ins

For the first time since before we left for Seattle in December, the kids got to go to therapeutic riding! Wonderful! It snowed very briefly today, but was otherwise sunny and above freezing. The ring was completely cleared out and even had a swale dug out so it would drain as more snow melted. Poor C., who runs the operation, had a terrible time getting anyone to come clear it out, because everyone who has a plow has been working crazy hours keeping roads and driveways clear. She even tried improvising with a snowblower and the drag, but got stuck. Fortunately, the man she hired to come get her equipment out was at that point willing to stick around and clear it, and so the kids get to ride again. And I got to chat with my friend M., as well. A.'s riding partners had gifts for her from Xmas (oops -- we didn't, so we'll have to fix that next week, and a missed birthday as well).

T. and I went to 5 Guys before, and R. and I have each walked around the block once. I ran into a neighbor and walked the rest of the way with her on my walk, and we discussed the recent series of breakins in town (including right across the street). Jewelry thefts, which strikes me as utterly bizarre, but apparently things like gold chains have enough value melted to attract thieves. Weird to think that anyone around here is literally breaking down doors to get at something worth at most a couple hundred dollars. Hope the police figure it out soon; they seem to think it is a very old skool steal-gold-to-buy-heroin type thing. R. says that Nashua recently shut down a pawn shop for receiving stolen goods, after discovering the owner had previously been shut down elsewhere in the state for same.

There is such a thing as being a little _too_ entrepreneurial.

I think this is what R. was talking about in Nashua:


Altho that was retail theft not residential.

Here's the local theft coverage, such as it is:


There's been a third house as well.
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