walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Rampant speculation about snow in Boston and demographics

No, it's not about people being stuck indoors and making babies. It's about whether anyone will, come spring or summer or whatever, actually follow through on their threat to leave because of the recent, insanely high snow totals.


It is an interesting and mostly careful analysis, coming in part to a fairly obvious conclusion (a bunch of people in the area already winter in Florida -- this could push a few more over the edge).

The last bit, however, is goofy.

"For this reason, the confluence of snowstorms over the past month could have surprising, if subtle, effects on the political makeup of Massachusetts. Fussell imagines that people who consider climate change to be a fact might be more likely to view this winter as a harbinger—and therefore, a reason to leave—than people who dismiss global warming and see this winter as a fluke.

“Because Democrats are more likely to perceive climate change as real, maybe they’d be more likely to move than Republicans,” she says. If that were so, it would certainly be one of the most surprising consequences of this winter: a way that a heavy dusting of white could turn a blue state a bit more purple."

It would indeed be surprising. I don't believe that for a second.

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