walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Daily Activities: fitbit, swimming canceled

At A.'s IEP meeting, her speech therapist commented that A. was really interested in the speech therapist's pink fitbit and liked to tap it to see the lights. I commented that this was probably because both R. (my husband, A.'s father) and T. (my son and A.'s brother) had them. Later, I asked A. about the speech therapist's fitbit and A. said she liked it. So I foolishly asked A. if she wanted one and boy did she get excited about that idea and wanted to order one right away.

So we now both have pink fitbits (because I figured that would give us each a backup wrist band, since they each come with L and S size bands). Which means that the Omron is going to be retired after today. I was sort of hoping to avoid this stage, and go straight to the Apple Watch, but I'm okay with this, too.

The kids' swimming lessons were canceled but they both miraculously wanted to go with the babysitter today, so R. and I got two (shorter, but still) walks in today, in addition to my usual walk with M.
Tags: daily activities

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