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Disney Movies Anywhere -- how did I not notice this?

The Verge reviewed it in November 2014. Basically, if you've bought Disney/Pixar/Marvel movies through iTunes/Google Play/VUDU, and you set up an account on Disney Movies Anywhere and you hook your iTunes/GooglePlay/VUDU accounts up, then you can watch movies bought through any of those services on any of the other services or through the Disney Movies Anywhere app or website. I think. One account per provider (that is, only one iTunes account can be hooked up to this thing at a time and if you go switching around there are some long time outs and the usual to keep you from being a scammy freeloader with your extended kinship network).


I'm now trying to remember if I've ever bought anything over on the Amazon side, because they are not participating. Yet?

This feels like Pottermore? But I haven't used Pottermore, so I don't really know. Here are some things I've learned from this process. Some of the codes associated with Disney discs are just rewards codes, and all you can get with rewards points are, well, the kind of thing you'd expect to get: DVDs, some trinkets, some minor electronic gadgetry, some kitschy stuff. Some of the codes do that AND if you want to watch the Digital Copy on a Mac or PC, you need the code to make the player play the movie. Not that that would ever happen with us anymore, because our laptops don't even have optical drives anymore, so we'd have to be at home to bother, in which case we'd just go put the damn disc into a real player attached to a real TV. Some of the codes are for rewards points AND to enter into Disney Movies Anywhere, formerly iTunes etc. to redeem the movie within that universe. Those are the codes worth bothering with. I think I had three of them that came with discs I owned, mostly because these days I buy the everything pack if I bother to buy a disc at all.

Good news: I won't have to re-buy Guardians of the Galaxy to watch it on an iDevice. Yay? Maybe I'll eventually watch the last third of the movie (which was a fine movie, but I got a little distracted and then never finished watching it).

I kind of wish all the video content that I buy worked this way -- buy it once, instead of winding up buying it twice -- I've only occasionally had to buy something three or four times, and that was pre-streaming. But we own a bunch of content in the Amazon system and in the Apple system, and it would great to never have to do _that_ again.

If you're wondering how I stumbled across this, well, I was reading Disney Files and it had a short piece about it and I went, wha - ? And then fired it up, set up the account and went downstairs and extracted all the rewards codes and entered them all. R. skipped over the Guardians of the Galaxy, thinking that wasn't Disney universe. I think the Paranorman code _is_ not Disney, but I should probably figure out how to get that thing entered anyway. Maybe tomorrow. What I really ought to do is _watch_ some of it.
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