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Exploring TripIt Pro

I spent part of yesterday and today making weekend trip reservations to North Conway, and finding and printing existing travel plans to fill out my travel binder (AKA Don't Forget To Have Fun Binder). As I was doing this, and filling out a list of action items for some of those future trips, I thought to myself, Self, You should try TripIt.

So I am. Here is what I have noticed so far. Residence Inn confirmations go through great. Confirmations associated with my trip to the Netherlands -- including a Delta flight confirmation -- do not. So that's interesting. I will continue to poke around and see what I can do manually.

Expect updates.

Update 1: Took the Red Jacket Reservation when I forwarded it from my mobile, where it displays correctly, but not from my webmail, where it does not. Interesting. I also noticed that I screwed that reservation up, so I called and had them fix it. So, yay!

Update 2: Delta reservation that was screwed up when forwarded from my webmail was handled better when forwarded from mobile where it displayed correctly.

Update 3: Trying to manually convert the unfiled item associated with an RV rental. It didn't like the pickup time and drop off time (because I entered "before 11 a.m." and then I think "1 to 4 p.m.). It got rid of everything else I entered AND the form it all went into. And I can't figure out how to retrieve it. That is seriously annoying.

Update 4: It only shows a certain number of upcoming trips on the home page. It is adding more, but you have to select Show All Upcoming Trips in order to see more further in the future. That was very confusing, but okay.

Update 5: I have some pdfs with lodging information that it won't let me add as notes (well, it doesn't display them at all). Not sure what's going on with that. Otherwise, I've downloaded the mobile and the display is beautiful on that, reasonably intuitive interface. There is some cruft left over visible on the mobile from multiple adds of a particular note that I then deleted; have no idea why that happened because it is completely gone on the web view but not the mobile. The annoying form fill thing is real -- you are better off just filling out the bare minimum, saving, and then adding further detail, otherwise you just lose your work unpredictably.

On the whole, I like it. I'm starting to use the TripIt Pro account tracking feature right now, to figure out whether that's worth keeping or not. It works with JetBlue, but if you want it to keep track of Delta points, you have to forward it via email. It does Hilton, Marriott, National, so I have to say on balance it at least covers the stuff I would kind of want it to cover. Hopefully, over time, they will make it able to suck the reservations over without me having to forward the confirms. (If it does that already, never mind.)

Okay, the calendar feed feature may be the single most worthwhile aspect of this whole thing. Wow. Just, wow.

Update 6: I looked over the sample itinerary, and found the add directions feature. That's kinda cool. To make sure things are in the appropriate order, you really do want to put times in. Which is probably for the best, because that sort of forces you to notice how early you have to get up in order to get to the airport to drop off the car in time for your flight home.

Update 7: TripIt really encourages tinkering with plans, which has some nice side effects (at least if you're stuck indoors with a sick family, not feeling that great yourself, and it is cold and snowy outside. If you have something worthwhile to do, maybe not so much). I tracked down the name and address of the laundromat, in case we need it while we're at Efteling (I think we have laundry for the other half of the trip). Which reminds me, I should check the laundry situation at the Cape. I also found out when JetBlue is going to extend their schedule through the winter holidays, and discussed the drive vs. fly tradeoff for visiting my sister.
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