walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

a place to rest our weary heads arranged, more colds

I could not for the life of me make the dates we needed with any of the bungalows I was finding on the dutch camping bungalows sites, so I finally just gave in and went over to HomeAway, and found something there, in Koudum (ETA: in de Kuilart. So seriously we're going to be annoyed that we have to leave in a few days because I am sure I could have fun there for a month). Maybe we'll rent a boat and float around a bit while we are visiting; could be fun. In the meantime, I can now quit worrying about most of the trip, since the flight, lodging and rental car are all confirmed, and the family we are visiting are excited to see us as we are them! I'm still bummed we're not going to be able to fit in a side trip to England this time, but maybe in a couple years.

T. is better (but still very snotty, in a literal sense), and now R. and A. are sick as well. I'm sure I'll be next.

ETA: A. would like me to type some more. So I will add: she is playing with "noise putty", which makes farting noises if you push on it in its container, but is otherwise basically silly putty I think. She poked a pencil into it. She was binge watching Backyardigans, but got bored and we worked on her homework for a while. She had applesauce and a rice krispie treat for lunch.

ETA: I kept thinking I had an ancestor from Koudum. And I do! Geiske Bokkes Hoekstra,
my 3rd great grandmother, was born in Koudum. There are probably others. . .
Tags: daily activities
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