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Today's Activities Include: both kids in school! IEP, booking Efteling Bosrijk

Two years ago, when I booked a cottage at Bosrijk, I had to call and email, and then wire them funds, because you couldn't book from a US address and they only did giros.

Now, they claim to take credit cards, but you'd never know it by my experience today. Thankfully, PayPal _does_ work from their site.

When registering the other guests, however, it directed me to give birth dates in the typical Euro style (DD-MM-YYYY). But then it kicked out both my kids as invalid. I realized that they really wanted them the way Americans do it, at least when you claimed to be from the USA (MM-DD-YYYY), and they'd misinterpreted my husband's (which you can't tell, because both the month and the date are under 12).

On the whole, big improvements on the website, with a ways yet to go. I'll have to check out the app and see what that is looking like these days.

I called Delta and they wanted to call me back "more than 2 hours" later. In practice, they called about an hour and 20 minutes later, not bad for a company headquartered in Atlanta, which just got snowed on. But that was about 4 minutes before I was due in the IEP meeting, so I went from being a couple minutes early to almost 15 late. Ah well.

IEP meeting went well; no complaints at all. I really like this speech person (first time meeting her -- the other two I'd met and knew I liked already), which scares me, because when I was at T.'s IEP meeting and really liked the speech person, she went and got a job in another district. *sigh*
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