walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Administrivia: more trip reports coming, possibly in the past

As you may have noticed, I backdated the Kona Cafe trip report; the date is the date we ate there. I may be doing that with some of the other trip reports (so I'll be posting trip reports _after_ this but they may wind up with dates _before_ this). I have this plan to start assembling Flickr, my personal website, LJ, FB and other online crap into One Gigantic Timeline, and I feel like connecting trip reports to the date of the activity might be helpful. I am not usually very organized about trip reports -- that is, I don't try to be comprehensive. I mention the stuff that I'm thinking about and just let everything else slide. But if you have questions or want more detail on a particular topic, and it's something I did, post requests in the comments.
Tags: administrivia
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