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February 2015 Trip Reports: Jet Blue

We were originally scheduled to fly down to Orlando on Sunday, Feb 15. However, that was going to have a blizzard with gusts up to 50 mph at Logan so on Thursday I panicked and rescheduled on the web to Monday the 16th while waiting on hold to talk to a Real Person who eventually undid that and got me on a Friday the 13th flight. The original flight had extra leg room and I paid a second time for extra leg room on the no-change-fee switch online to Monday; the person on the phone said they would refund me both of those sets of extra leg room. This is important for later in the story.

Next problem: we needed a place to stay the nights of the 13th and 14th. Miraculously, I got a 1 bedroom (on the first floor -- 7111 -- right next to the lobby, which you would think would be loud but they soundproofed that thing so hard it is the quietest room I've stayed in at BLT) on points for the 13th. I was able to book a room on the 14th floor of Hilton Bonnet Creek (which is their allergy floor, and believe me, if you are staying there, try to get a room on that floor. The air quality is amazingly good) for the 14th, which was crap, but all I could get (my mother-in-law and her brother live in the Villages but were unavailable by phone as I was frantically arranging all this; DVC had nothing and at the time, I wasn't getting anything through the main line at WDW).

On Valentine's Day, I spent some more time on the phone with the main WDW lodging line and got a room at Caribbean Beach. So my husband and son went over there and A. and I stayed at Bonnet Creek. That got us to our regularly scheduled vacation at BLT.

Upon our return, however, problems arose! We were unable to checkin for our flight until the morning of the flight, and there was a discrepancy between what the website said our seats were and what the mobile devices said. When R. went to checkin the bags at the airline desk, they were able to print boarding passes and they showed the messed up seats scattered all over the plane that the mobiles had said. Yikes!

I called and got an earlier Disney's Magical Express coach to the airport so we'd have more time to try to resolve this thing. Once there, it took a loooooong time and three different people to figure out what had happened. And here is what we think happened. When the refunds for the Monday flight and the Sunday flight were done, the computer system thought that one of those applied to the Saturday return flight, so our seats, while reserved, weren't fully paid for and we lost them. Gaaah! They got us into two sets of two seats, none with extra space, so I'll have to call JetBlue again after I check my credit card website to see what has been refunded and charged so they can give me more back if necessary.

I don't know what the moral here is. I do not in any way regret moving the flight to Friday the 13th. We had a blast the whole trip and it didn't even feel too long for me, altho I was ready to go home after 8 days in the parks and November for the next trip seems like a completely reasonable amount of time to wait to go back. Our originally scheduled flight on Sunday was canceled by Saturday afternoon, and I think (but don't know for sure) that the Monday departure would have been delayed, plus it was quite late in the afternoon anyway and would have caused us to miss our reservation at Chef Mickey's. It's hard to know whether I should have just been patient and waited for the agent on the phone or booked that Monday seat while I was waiting. I think next time, I'll be patient -- but I may also take that weather forecast more seriously and rebook a day earlier. I wasn't taking it seriously because the snow totals didn't look that bad. I forgot about wind.

Finally, I _could_ blame myself for getting the refunded extra leg room, because that is what caused the problem on the return leg (along with the Monday reschedule that was undone). I may delay asking for refunds until after a trip is complete, to avoid running into this situation.

In the end, however, it wasn't really that big a deal. R. was way more stressed about it than I was. I was convinced that JetBlue would give us, worst case scenario, two pairs of seats, because (a) JetBlue doesn't overbook, ever and (b) they have never yet left something to the flight crew to deal with, unlike every other airline I've flown.

I've been flying exclusively JetBlue for years (with the exception of things like flying to the Netherlands), and I buy plane tickets for other people and always try to put them on JetBlue unless they really object (or, in one case, the Alaska nonstop is the only available nonstop on that pair of cities). Nothing about this situation has changed my opinion. While it was regrettable that the seats got messed up on the return, I am so happy with how hard they worked to get me on an earlier flight, and to correct the seating problem when we asked them to, that if anything, I am even more of a fan of JetBlue than I was before.
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