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February 2015 Trip Reports: Hollywood Studios

We got to Hollywood Studios two separate days this trip. The first day we didn't have a fast pass for Midway Mania and did not arrive early enough to get on it before the line built; the second day we visited, we rode it once at park open and once on a fp. I continue to believe this is the Best Ride Ever. Or at least really, really close.

We did Tower of Terror on the first day we visited, but skipped it the second day. A. finds it terrifying so we only go on it if she asks, because I'm not willing to run a trembling kid through the line on anything other than her own initiative. If she _wants_ to scare the crap out of herself, that's all on her.

We rode the Great Movie Ride twice. Because A. bought a Classic Minnie (in black and white) plush toy at the Tower gift shop, she wanted to know why it was grey and white and black. I explained about black and white movies. We stopped into One Man's Dream and looked around and she got to see some black and white film. She also noticed black and white film in the Great Movie Ride. We also talked a little about how animated films used to be made vs. now. She later repeated these explanations with reasonably good fidelity to her grandmother, which may or may not have impressed grandma but impressed the hell out of me. Do Not Have Adult Conversations Around This Kid Any More, I guess, is the lesson here. It is not safe to rely upon her social skills/expressive language level of development to let you get away with it safely anymore.

A. is finally old enough to really enjoy riding Star Tours so I got to ride it over a half dozen times. Wooot!

My husband and I had a disagreement about how many possible ride combinations there were. I had heard/read that there were about 50. He seemed to think there were a lot more. Wikipedia says I'm right.


"There are eleven random segments of the film (two opening segments, three primary destination segments, three hologram message segments, and three ending destination segments). When combined, they allow 54 different possible ride experiences."

Okay. So have I seen all the components yet? No! At least, I don't remember ever seeing the Admiral Ackbar message (altho I'm now thinking that maybe I did on a previous trip -- my memory is imperfect at best).

I have seen both openers. I've seen all three post-opener segments (Hoth, pod race, Wookie planet). I've seen all three post-message segments (Coruscant, Naboo, incomplete Death Star).

So while I certainly have not ridden it enough times to see all possible combinations, I think if there is a segment I'm missing, it's the Admiral Ackbar message -- and I may have seen that on a previous trip. I saw all the other pieces on this trip.

Pizza Planet continues to make an allergy pizza with soy cheese for me (yay!) including replacing the caesar salad with a garden salad with italian dressing. I really should find out whether Pizzafari will do that, because it would expand the food options for me at AK -- altho I prefer Yak & Yeti Local Foods anyway so it hardly matters.
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