walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

So that's what all those questions were about

A little after 8 tonight, my son starts asking me a series of questions about the weather tomorrow. Is it going to snow. Will school be canceled. Is there going to be a delay. Will the sitter come. These aren't totally atypical questions lately, so I did my best to answer them. A little after 9 p.m. and he's vomiting. Yay.

After talking my husband down from Pepcid (bad idea) and Tums (bad idea), and concluding that imodium was, at least so far, not indicated, my husband decides to let the boy have a glass of water in less than 15 minutes after vomiting.


So that came back up. We have a freaking _case_ of Drip Drop (ORS) in the pantry (because I suffer from some internet shopping issues and relentless paranoia about what the future might hold -- yes, this is indeed part of the Pantry of the Apocalypse). I tell R. he can give the kid ORS, or, in a pinch, apple juice or ginger ale but no other soda. This leads to discussion of why ginger ale (no, not the ginger -- it's the sodium sugar balance) and then he grabs an apple juice box. And I'm like, _there's a freaking case_ of Drop Drop right there.

I'm going to deliver this in 25 ml increments to my son at 10 minute intervals for an hour, because while he isn't allowed back at school for 24 hours, I remember what happened last April and I do _not_ want another several days of vomiting and diarrhea, if better management early on can put a prompt stop to this.
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