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Today's Activities Include: cooking, errands with son, cookbook update

I decided I was missing my own cooking, so today I cooked. I made chili and I made chicken under biscuit (I had the latter for lunch). While the chili page in my cookbook is up to date, the same could not be said of the chicken under biscuit, so I took photos, uploaded them to flickr, copies the pages out of the Beth Kidder cookbook, ditto, and linked them to the cookbook page, which, in turn, I updated slightly as well. I hadn't touched it since 2002, if I believe the Updated info that was on it. Which I do.

I have this great blue casserole dish, which my husband thought was (a) not food safe and (b) not oven safe, because he thought it was a flower pot. Which made me really give him a funny look, because he's eaten casserole cooked in that thing, albeit not since around 2006 or thereabouts. The dish was sitting in the basement for a really long time, and then I moved it upstairs but it was in a cupboard we never opened so inevitably he completely forgot that the thing even existed.

T. had a different driver, who delivered him late, so we were a little late to gymnastics. That was fine, but then we were late leaving because they kindly made up the time. So we hurried off to the dermatologist. They had a crazy full waiting room, so R. had to come home and meet A. because no way were we gonna be back by 2:50. We got out of there after 3, and went to get T. a hair cut, followed by a very late lunch or early dinner (you decide) for him at McDonald's. I only got coffee and a pie, because of the aforementioned cooking.

R. has now returned to work, so the kids and I are hanging out. No sitter, because something has gone amiss with her knee and she is laid up for the duration.
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