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What does tomorrow hold?

Arlington schools are already closed, so I am not going to attempt to go to my Dutch lesson tomorrow; we might try to reschedule later in the week, depending on schedules.

The New England Aquarium, where T. was supposed to go on a field trip tomorrow (this is like the 3rd date for the trip, IIRC -- it has been snowed out repeatedly), was closed today. They have adorable footage on YouTube of the seals having fun in the snow. Since Boston schools are closed tomorrow, I don't really expect the Aquarium to be open.

MBTA service has been canceled already for Tuesday. They had already shut down inbound and announced outbound shutdown early today. Some people got stuck a couple hours -- that's got to be all kinds of no fun at all for everyone involved. Few buses running and those on snow routes.

Littleton town offices are due to be open tomorrow. The governor has already announced Tuesday is a snow day for my county: "Non-emergency state employees who live or work in Essex/Middlesex/Norfolk/Suffolk counties should not report Tuesday". Massachusetts courts in area also closed. "On Tuesday, 2/10, Courts in Essex, Middlesex, Norfolk, and Suffolk Counties will be closed due to state of emergency in those areas".

I'm looking at the road out in front of my house, and thinking about the order in which stuff gets plowed out in my town, vs. other towns, my street vs. other streets. I'm thinking about how hard it is to find places to put snow in parking lots. I'm thinking about how fucking cold it is supposed to be tomorrow, and how the snow isn't supposed to completely stop until 1 a.m. I'm also thinking about how the last day of school is already out to June 25 (26?), and the implications of another snow day, plus whatever comes our way in the next couple months.

Because it is going to warm up, and because of how late we are already running into June, I predict a minimum of an hour delay, probably 2. And I don't think anyone should count out the possibility of another snow day. I'm trying to decide if it is worth suiting up and going for a walk to take a look at things. Probably not.

ETA: Littleton, 2 hour delay as of 5 minutes ago. Woooooot! This particular storm dumped more as you go east, so there's still a chance that Acton will cancel, but I'm betting on a 2 hour delay for them also. And -- to my sorrow, but relief -- I now know what the expectation is for A. on delay days.

ETAYA: 1 hour delay in town. Double woooooot! I get to go for a walk tomorrow morning with my walking partner!!! Probably. If she decides it's too Hoth-like out there, I'll go later with the icebugs by myself.
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