walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Baker tries out this leadership thing.

On the 4th, I posted about (among other things) a link my husband sent me in which Governor Baker was taken to task for not providing good leadership during a recent storm. Well, Governor Baker got a do-over today, and it looks weirdly like he took that article as some sort of checklist.

Sweater vs business jacket? Sweater.

Leave it to people's own judgment or urge them to stay home but no travel ban? Urge them to stay home but no travel ban.

Baker is even wandering around giving praise to the people who clear the roads, and tweeting, "We ask everyone to stay off the roads, respect parking bans, help shovel out driveways, sidewalks & fire hydrants, & assist neighbors."

He is trainable. This is not nothing.
Tags: politics
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