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If at first you don't succeed. . .

I just wrote a post and inadvertently closed the window. Yikes.

Let's see. Went to the Twinemen CD release party on Saturday after dinner at Legal Sea Foods (note to self: bring ear plugs next time. Way loud in that restaurant. Noticed that once before so not a fluke). Screwed up and forgot about the baby shower I was supposed to be at. Good opener (Rick Berlin). The Twinemen got an actual carney to do a sideshow act (cd is titled Sideshow) which involved a lot of needles. Eeeeewww. Not as bad as the bit with the nipple rings and the bucket of dirt, however. I am so sheltered.

I've got my tix to go to the wedding on December 4, and the 5th is tentatively taken to hang out with byrdie. Arrival is Nov 30. Departure is Dec 10; other than that I'm still fairly open and while I'll try to contact people to make arrangements, I'm moving a little slowly right now (it can't really be October, can it?).

I've been hiking -- Mt Willard and Mt Kearsarge. Fall color is just starting, but it looks like it'll be good. I'll try to get out to Cardigan or Welsh-Dickey tomorrow, and if I'm stupidly ambitious, I'll do the group hike on Thursday.

Happy B-Day to byrdie!
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