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Binge watching, snow

A. has started binge watching a bunch of new shows. She's gone through close to or all of Sofia the First. Then she started in on the Tinker Bell movies (yes, there are Tinker Bell movies. Yes, they are probably worse than you think they might be). I think she's currently in the middle of the Phineas and Ferb movie. She's gotten pretty good at explaining what is going on in what she is watching and why (for sufficiently simple values of why) people are doing what they are doing. While that is probably not impressive to any parent of a neurotypical child, that's kind of exciting in this household, because it requires a whole bunch of things to be happening and working together: attention to the show, some theory of mind stuff, and expressive language. When I was her age and for a long time after, I was unable to provide a short summary of anything -- I just went on and on and on (I know -- you're thinking, hey, _that_ hasn't changed; but in all seriousness, I'm way less bad than I used to be).

Obviously, any given story participant (inspiration, producer, consumer) is going to have a different take on what should or should not go into a summary. So it is also exciting to get a better sense of what my daughter thinks is important/notices and cares about by what she chooses to include in her summary.

Altho I have to say, this is the only time she stutters. I'm hoping that just means that this is a really difficult thing she is doing and that she's very emotionally invested in getting it out, but stuttering makes me wonder.

[Edited for typos.]

It snowed last night, altho not a crazy amount. Looks like a few inches.


Today's movies include: Toy Story, Alice in Wonderland (the old Disney animated) and we are currently trying to get Toy Story 2 to play. In between shows we are trying to get A. through her homework.

ETAYA: On to Toy Story 3; 3/4s of the way through the homework.
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