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NPR sez: adults should get vaccinated if in doubt as to status, Ohio outbreak, Cali legislation


This -- along with the global issue -- is where I went first with this outbreak. It is nice to see the media coming along.

h/t husband

ETA: The Disneyland outbreak is still smaller than the Ohio Amish outbreak a few months earlier.


"The Ohio outbreak accounted for more than half of the 644 measles cases reported last year."

In general, I feel like you should just leave that religious/philosophical exemption in place. But I really dislike a lot of conservative Anabaptist groups because of family experience in/with them. I was comforted to note that Christian Scientists are willing to comply with legally mandated vaccinations, so there is a cynical part of me that says, Go For It! But the practical me says, really counter productive, just don't go there.

I don't think I heard a peep about the Ohio outbreak.

California is considering eliminating the religious/personal belief exemption:


I don't know enough about California state legislature politics to have any idea whether this will pass. I do know that Mississippi was considering amending its law to loosen it up a bit, and that change failed to pass. My husband thinks that it will take months if ever to get rid of that exemption.

Taking a different, but still practical perspective, I do sort of feel like if this is really about a couple of elementary schools, blanketing the country with pro vaccination messages is not the kind of targeted information campaign generally considered to improve compliance when it is a local issue. But hey, I'm on the spectrum. What do I know about changing people's minds.

We're also starting to see some relative risk coverage. Apparently no one has died in the US from measles in over a decade, but people do die from pertussis. So, there's that.

The legislators introducing the bill in California are Ben Allen, pediatrician from Sacramento (which has a pocket of Russian immigrants that are anti vaccinations) and Richard Pan, who sat on the unified school board for Santa Monica-Malibu, which has a different group of parents that use the personal exemption. Both are Democrats. These are not people wandering into the vaccine issue without being well aware of what they are taking on politically.

Pan has been working the mandatory education angle successfully already:

"Under a measure authored by Dr. Pan in 2012, parents who exempt a child from school vaccinations must first talk with a licensed health care practitioner about the impacts to their child and community. In the first year the state law was implemented, 20 percent fewer parents used the personal belief exemption. However, in many communities across the state, over 10 percent of parents are using California’s personal belief exemption."


It isn't clear whether Pan and Allen are going after _just_ the personal belief exemption, or personal belief + religion. If they go after both, they'd be going the Let's Be Like Mississippi and West Virginia. If they go after just personal belief exemption, they've got a ton of company.
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