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Not ordering online and other daily activities

I went to look at the menu for the Thai place down the street online, and noticed that you can now place an order online. Weird. I did not do that -- probably should have, but I picked up the phone, instead. Has this become A Thing? Does everyone in Seattle now place their take out/delivery restaurant orders through a mobile site or web page or whatever?

It was T.'s half day today, so I took him to gymnastics this afternoon. He declined lunch after. The ice dams at the gymnastics place were insane. We also have friends who have water damage developing as a result of ice dams. That much snow followed by a warming trend (more than 20 degree rise in 24 hours, bringing us above freezing at least for part of the day) causes so many problems.

My husband sent me this link:


In which the author asserts a failure of leadership by our governor for communicating to the state that this past Monday was a Normal Work day. The author did not suggest that there should have been the type of travel ban that we had for the previous storm, but felt there was some middle ground that was inadequately explored. I'm inclined to agree. My husband decided it was pointless to go into work on Monday, figuring it would take him about an hour to drive the three miles, and then it was uncertain whether he'd be able to get out of the parking lot after. School was cancelled more or less everywhere; I have no idea how many people were out and about. Our house cleaner came by, even tho I did my best to make it clear that she could reschedule to an arbitrary time later in the week if she preferred.

My son is fascinated by the idea of speaking Spanish, and wants to know why we speak English. I have no idea what started this, but I did suggest we could play with duolingo over the weekend, if he wanted to.

At some point, we do also need to buy some Valentine's cards for the kids' classes.

In completely unrelated news, it looks like oil might be contemplating some kind of recovery, so you should probably get all those 90s jokes about gas being cheap and Missy being in the half time show out of your system quick, because time is running out on those references.
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