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Link Fu about serial number capture in ATMS

Expect updates.

Recently, I speculated about serial number capture in ATMs. I asked the nice lady at my bank and she said that at my bank, they have no such thing and the ATMs are not cash replenishing either (she didn't know what that was initially). For what that is worth.


"Eduardas Vaigauskas

General Manager at Cashphenix International LLC

In some countries (Turkey f.e.) recycling ATMs from GRG are equipped with this function "as standard". It is always the choice of the user to print or not to print serial numbers on the receipt. Using GRG Banking Equipment recycling ATMs it is possible to capture serial numbers of notes and store them in DB to be used in different application."

"Ahmad Hassoun

Senior EFT Specialist at BLOM Bank

Yes we have this feature within our ATMs where it prints the serial number of the notes in the cash deposit module.We do track these notes which have been deposited by the customer."

Others noted that serial number capture was useful in detecting counterfeit notes. Others had never heard of serial number capture in ATMs but wanted to know more (model numbers, etc.) once they found out it existed.

Tabletop counters with serial number capture may be older than I thought. I thought they dated from 2011, but this suggests maybe a couple years earlier, at least.


GRG is taking front and back pictures as well as capturing serial numbers.


R. notes that anyone doing envelope free deposits of checks and cash are having to do something along these lines anyway so why not use it more generally.

A POS patent from 2003, with silent alarm, serial numbers recorded for all bills released under duress, etc.

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