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Snow day, and delayed open tomorrow

Today, everything was closed, but there was no state of emergency. R. worked from home. I did insist that A. finish up last week's homework, because it seemed wrong to just let her sit around and binge watch Sofia the First, Little Charmers, etc. all day long. The kids were pretty cooperative, on the whole. They are clearly getting a little tired of how boring snow days are.

Tomorrow, A. has a 2 hour delay, which means even if T.'s school opens on time, his bus is run out of our town and will have at least the same 2 hour delay. In the event, I've been betting his school will have at least a 2 hour delay. With our town running 2 hours late, odds on, his school will be closed entirely. But we shall see.

That was a lot of snow that fell out of the sky. Enough to finally make the snow on the roof -- at least on the solar panels -- cut loose in a gargantuan avalanche.

ETA: T.'s school has put out an announcement that is a masterpiece, a real gem. They can't decide what they _are_ going to do, but they are sure what they ARE NOT going to do.

"No Am Kindergarten, no AM PreSchool"

It's clear they are weaseling between a 2 hour delay (which would have the above as a consequence) or an outright cancel. No one wants to cancel currently if they can avoid it, because it's barely February and there have already been a few snow days. I think they are going to cancel (because that town doesn't like spending money on clearing roads, as near as I can tell, and they have a lot of them, being low density and kinda spread out).

My money is on canceling. However, the pattern of cancellations this time suggests that the snow is worse east and not as bad somewhat west of us, so I'm prepared to be really wrong on this. For sure, however, my initial guess of a 2 hour delay was either right or overly optimistic. Compared to my husband's guesses on this stuff, I am a freaking oracle.

Littleton Town Administrator account is retweeting the Littleton superintendent's private twitter account as a 2 hour delay. Why didn't it show up as a 2 hour delay at CBS local?
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