walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

More ludicrous predictions involving driverless cars: Vox edition


I'm not sure exactly what changed between its original version back on my birthday and the updated version today. This instance does include speculation about child car seats, but it's really silly speculation. We have plenty of examples for how to build child restraints into cars in ways that let them be used or not used, depending on the size of the person, if any, in that seat. I would assume that in a future world with way fewer cars and most of them driverless/rented by the ride, that would become the norm.

But that last statement is perilously close to If False Then (anything at all).

It is amazing to me that a technology that is, at the very minimum, more than a dozen years away from widespread availability is having such confident predictions made about it at places like Vox. I honestly expect the next article on this topic to describe how the car will have teledildonics in it, too.
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