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Your Daily Dose of I Feel Old: someone feels typewritten text for the first time


The ostensible story here is that Lynn Gentry is busking poetry. He sits at a subway entrance at a little table with a typewriter and will produce verse for cash (in this case, $7). The balance of the article is mostly about where else he has done this, what else he does for money ("electric freak folk"), his website etc.

But here's why I am blogging about this.

"Taking the paper made me realize that I've never touched typewriting before — the letters are pressed into the page, so you can feel them on the back of the sheet. While I'll stick with my computer, I get the appeal."

Had Libby Kane more experience with typewriters, she might have speculated, as I am, that the type quality would have been improved with a tune up of the typewriter, starting with the ribbon, but ultimately probably cleaning and/or replacing some or all of the typebars (starting with the s and the o). Altho it's a tough call -- that's a physically cold location and that can have a real impact.

In the mean time, for all those friends of mine who learned to type on a manual (I was about my son's age, when I found the typing textbook we bought at a garage sale and learned to type using the paper diagram of the keyboard, because, at 8 or 9 or so, my parents didn't trust me to use their typewriters), enjoy realizing that there are people writing for blogs who are just now having their first encounter with _anything_ typewritten.
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