walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Breathtaking reification of monogamy

From Tashiro's book, obvs. This one gets its own post because, the fuck you say.

"the reality is"

Any sentence with this phrase in it. . .

"the reality is that any species needs to accomplish the following goals to avoid extinction:"

"1. Live to an age when you can mate."


"2. Attract a partner and have offspring."

Tashiro gets huge points for taking the female perspective. He could have said, "Find a partner and knock her up." So, yay, Tashiro. Didn't default to the male perspective.

"3. Nurture those offspring to a reproductive age."

Apparently, there are NO asexually reproducing species on our planet.

Also, there aren't any parthenogenetic lizards or things like that.

And, this being the VERY VERY BEST PART, all species raise their offspring to reproduction.

No frogs out there. No amoebas. No parthenogenetic lizards.

Really, this shouldn't be so difficult. But points for taking the female perspective. Really.
Tags: not-a-book-review
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