walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Inbox decluttering: under 20; this will surely not last

For one thing, FollowMyHealth feels compelled to send me email updates about ... everything. Hopefully this will subside at some point. Also, the schools all had to to tell me they were closing: via email, text and cell and land line. Oh, and the power company has apparently Gotten Religion about this whole communication thing, because _they_ called me and sent me email telling me what to do and not do.

I also placed an order for one of those canvas photo things that a lovely friend bought me ... in October 2013. Great to finally remember to do it!

Had breakfast with a friend. Went grocery shopping -- Roche Bros looked more like a Saturday than a Monday today. Every checkout was open at 12:30.

The kids' baby sitter says that there was a punch thrown at the Market Basket in Westford. It's a French Toast Emergency out there! Buy your bread, milk and eggs now!
Tags: daily activities, decluttering
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