walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Travel planning

Having laboriously reduced the inboxes, I started working through travel planning for the year. First up: duplicate reservations for T-weekend, because I won't know where we are spending Thanksgiving until way too late to get the good hotels and/or the good rooms. Second: move the April trip to visit my sister to December, because our spring breaks do not coincide and her kids will be too busy with school stuff in the spring to be able to do much. Third: discuss what we are doing between when school lets out in June and when the summer programs begin in July. And start seriously looking at flights for that as well.


Fortunately, everyone (kids, husband, sister, sister's family) was all very okay with the changes to the plans. It is clear that I really needed to become profoundly bored to actually get around to doing this, because I've been _meaning_ to do a lot of this since November.
Tags: daily activities
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