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Laboriously reducing the size of the inbox

There was a point, probably in 2013, where I actually emptied it entirely. *sigh* It's been above 200 fairly consistently the last couple months, which I hate.

I'm below 125 right now, and hoping to get below 100 today. Therapeutic riding was canceled again due to snow. We haven't been since we left for Seattle.

Weirdest thing found buried in email inbox: an invitation for next Thursday to an apartment on 5th avenue in NYC across from the Metropolitan Museum of Art. It's absolutely legit -- it's associated with a genealogical organization I belong to -- but when I googled one of the unusual names and landed in the society pages of the NYT I started giggling. I showed it to R. and asked if he wanted to go (it would completely burn up an entire day, and we'd have to figure out child care because our usual sitter is not available that date), and he said if he went, he'd probably spend all his time walking around the neighborhood looking at buildings because that would be more interesting to him. And it's not like he lacks genealogical interest -- it's more the society factor. So we're not going, but still: funny!

ETA: I got it just under 50 (literally: at 49 at the moment altho I'm sure that will change). My daughter would like to play in the snow now.

ETAYA: We played in the snow, had lunch and she is now sort of playing Lego Hobbit on XBoxOne. Son came back from skiing but R. had to return to retrieve his skis which he forgot.

Inbox at 39! 28! Oh, and I found a great scones recipe, too! And even figured out how to get the one page of the multi page pdf out into a pdf.

ETA still more: In order to get rid of more messages in my inbox, I had to actually deal with the underlying request, which was to sign up with FollowMyHealth and then connect my kids' information through the proxies I was sent. Fun. Inevitably, that generated still more email. OH AND EMAIL FROM FB, TOO saying I'd logged in from somewhere it didn't recognize. Altho at least it more or less seems to work. Yet another app for iOS as well. I also got the Fire TV Remote app today, too (another email told me to do that).

Turns out my inbox gets large because I don't feel like grinding through this kind of detailed crap. I have also uploaded the scones recipe to my website and some photos to flickr.

But I did get it down to 23.
Tags: daily activities, decluttering
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