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Recent Activities Include: shoveling! Khan Academy, Rosetta

I continue to reread (and not post about) JAK books.

It snowed. It snowed kind of a lot. It was fluffier than predicted and thus there were more inches than predicted, but the same amount of water content, I think, in the end. Easier to shovel this way, too.

I've now had three people in my life declare a desire/interest in (re)learning mathematics, especially algebra forward. I tend to be very down on this as an idea, for several reasons. First, while slogging through first year calculus in college is necessary to get a whole bunch of degrees that then line you up for making decent money, if you don't intend to go all that way, I don't really see much point in starting. It's so, so rare that you actually need any of this stuff in Normal Life (altho to be fair, I did actually stumble across one of those a day or so ago when I was trying to work out how many of the told books read by readers in the US were read by readers who read a few vs. shades of many books a year -- and in the event, I wound up asking R. to help me out with it, because I did not trust what I came up with. He actually had a way better explanation for the thing we did would work than I was able to come up with, which let me trust it).

Second, if you didn't learn this stuff when you were young, there was probably a reason, and it is unlikely to have been something as simple as, I had a bunch of crappy teachers. Good teachers, and especially good one-on-one, like tutors, can get math into just about anyone's head. But if math is going to be the kind of thing that you like and look for excuses to use, you do not need good teachers to get through the usual courses.

Third, even if you are pretty middle of the road and your issue is lack of interest/access to ways to learn it (and thus a pretty optimal candidate for playing catch up later in life), it is incredibly time consuming.

Most importantly, however, in the past when other people were enthusiastic about math, and I got enthusiastic about math for them, I was always, always, always bad at noticing when their interest flagged and respecting that, thus leading them to really dislike me. So I am now erring on the other side: fuck it, just don't bother.

However, my sister, in the course of answering questions raised by her children, started using Khan Academy, so when this cropped up most recently, I pointed towards that. And then I thought (this skips over a lot of steps in the middle, so, TAMO! Just like in difficult proofs. Then A Miracle Occurred), hey, I should go sign up and check this thing out.

First comment about Khan Academy: wow, it is way more than just YouTube videos at this point. Second comment about Khan Academy: hard core gamification of learning. Sorta like Duolingo. Third comment about Khan Academy: that is quite possibly the shittiest "where should we place you in the learning process". Their placement testing is either confusing the hell out of me or really bad. I mean, even bad compared to free online language learning AND THAT IS SAYING SOMETHING.

But that's okay, because where else are you gonna find a great way to learn math at any age and at your own pace. For free. Multi-media.

So after poking around KA for a while, I thought to myself, Self, you should fire up Rosetta and do some of the Adaptive Recall exercises. That shouldn't be hard and it might be good for you. So after two update cycles (whoa, reinstall), I have been working on some of the Dutch review stuff. Which is indeed not hard and may even be good for me.

In related news, I have figured out the world's best way to get homework done/communicate clearly to my daughter that screaming at school or at home to get her own way is Not Acceptable. I think you can probably put those two together. There was a whole bunch of no TV until you finish involved, as well. This feels very ... parental. Not necessarily in a good way, but in a probably has to be done sort of way. This may be the other good part of having homework in kindergarten (which honestly, I am not fully on board with).

Made peach crisp. I'm going to take son out in the i3 to see how it does in the snow next.
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