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New Year's Themes

I really don't like to think of these as resolutions, because, you know. Resolutions.

Inevitably, in the New Year, there's gonna be an exercise theme, right? In the interest of avoiding the start/stop problem of New Year's, I've been thinking about this for months and decided the thing I missed the very most about pre-kid physical activity was hiking. And since there's nothing within an hour to 90 minute drive as Worth It as the Cascades were when I lived in Seattle, I figured I'd just suck it up and do all the local hikes, with a heavy emphasis on Great Hill, which is a quarter mile walk from my house. This has been going well. I also signed up with Comm Ed for fall walks and Acton Rec for winter walks. I'm also more consistently making sure I get a daily walk around the block, or the 3 mile loop out to West Acton and back, by either going with R., or taking turns getting walks. I store the LED head lamps by the door with keys, scarves, gloves, etc., which helps a lot; it doesn't really matter if it's dark I just go anyway. I also have my wireless neckband style headphones hanging up by the keys, so I don't get too bored. You may lecture me about how FUCKING STUPID IT IS TO WALK IN THE DARK BY MYSELF WITH HEADPHONES ON. I know. I don't play the music very loud. I have decent situational awareness. Also, very small town, with sidewalks and the speeding teen drivers don't speed as much in the winter plus they usually are driving later than I am outside.

Along with an exercise theme, there is always a diet theme. When I was out in Seattle, J. told me that he now has solid data on what foods spike his blood sugar and what doesn't. J. is a Reliable Source. Also, what he is saying is a good match for what every study ever has said (protein/fat doesn't spike, and if you're going to eat something carb-y, then have it second and/or with the veg/protein/fat and it won't spike, etc.), with a couple of interesting sidelights (lemon juice in water!). I really don't approve of low carb diets (yes, I know everyone else luuurrrvvves them), but I see only good things about avoiding the whites, upping the veg, and a little attention to order/combinations. I've also just completely given into the idea of an early dinner and going to bed early. As long as the kids are getting up early, this is just going to happen. (I have no reason to believe I have any worse blood sugar control than I ever did when I was a kid -- I'm still prone to woozy when I miss meals, but that's about it.)

Finally, there's sort of a life review theme, which has included genealogy in other years. On the trip to Seattle, my cousin was talking about personal timelines, which seemed really cool. I haven't settled on how I'm going to do that (I'm thinking just hacking raw html the way I do the rest of my website, because while he's excited about Simile, I just think it sounds like a lot of work for very incomplete data separation. But I may shove it all into a spreadsheet and figure it out from there). And I've been thinking since 2013 -- my 10th year blogging here on LJ -- that it would be pretty cool to mine all this crap I've been blogging over the years. I think this will be the year I assemble the inputs and think about the best way to organize and present whatever it is I decide I want to include.
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