walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

A few LJ statistics, for no particularly good reason

I failed to blog at all for 133 days in 2014, about a third of the days.
For comparison, I failed to block for 130 days in 2013. I miss a lot of days in December, with November and June being weak as well. I know why: vacation, school holidays. The news cycle goes into abeyance and I am often busy traveling as well.

The average and median number of posts in a month in 2014 are very, very close: 38, give or take, for both of them. The average and median in 2013 were also very close, a little over 43.

I blogged the least in December 2014. I blogged the most in March 2014. In 2013, the least was December and the most was February. There was a big snowstorm in February and we did not travel that school break so I was sitting around blogging.

I'm debating doing some word count analysis, and balking at the idea. None of this counts comments, and it is LJ specific (so if I posted over on FB, it isn't part of this).

I had expected the travel effect to be stronger, but in practice, I tend to do a lot of catch-up posts after at trip, so travel shows up in no-blogging days, but not really in the monthly total.
Tags: administrivia
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