walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Another example of believing what you want to believe

The author of this piece really wants google to be the bad guy, ordinary readers to be kinda stupid, and tradpub to be ... not sure.


"Someone who often searches for something on Fox News will probably see even more results from Fox while similar reporting from other news organizations will start to disappear."

I don't search on Fox. Like, ever. Every once in a rare while, I will foolishly click through on a Fox local affiliate, reporting on local news or, worse, hit the wrong link by mistake in a rotating collection on some current story. I back away instantly because I fucking loathe Faux News, but for the next several weeks or longer -- until I figure out how to tell google news how very much I never want to see another Fox News link -- I am shown Faux News coverage preferentially.

I wish that echo chamber worked a little better. But it really doesn't.
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