walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

East Coast 'stroom experiments

Turns out NYC experimented with self-cleaning public toilets more or less like Seattle. In 2006. And then they ripped them out a few years later.


I'll be adding more later, clearly.

Urilift makes "pop up urinals": they hide in the sidewalk during the day and at night come up to capture the piss of bar hoppers who might otherwise pee in the street. Various European cities (London, Amsterdam) have installed them.



Guy on moped caught a wheel on one as it rose up in the evening.

Open urinals are an easier sell in cities with a history of al fresco urination. Tougher in Australia:


But they are still thinking about replacing the temporary urinals with Urilifts, despite the moralizing about exposing oneself.

In a bizarre twist, formerly attended WCs in London, abandoned for decades, are being remodeled and opened as bars, restaurants, sandwich shops.


A blast from the past! Activist orientation (why is this so hard?!?), and a bunch of questionable assertions about other cities that I will shortly be investigating.


""In the beginning, there were a lot of reservations about advertising and the size of the kiosks," said Jake Szeto, Project Manager of the Automatic Public Toilet and Public Kiosk Program at the San Francisco Department of Public Works. "But it is a success. Otherwise the city wouldn't have expanded the program.""
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