walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

HEY NETQUOTE! Please round trip that email address

Another company that is not round-tripping email addresses. *sigh*

If that isn't bad enough, the companies that NetQuote then forwards the email address to, often send from Do Not Reply email addresses with NO unsubscribe option. WORSE YET, if you do find a reply address, you may get shit like this back:

"Ok. The info came to me with email of [firstnamelastname]@gmail. There is no dot between [firstname] and [lastname]. Outlook automatically put it there. Could you confirm if your email has the dot?

Thanks. That way I don’t send again."

I guess I shouldn't expect much of from a guy running an agency in Ohio, Kentucky and West Virginia. But seriously, Mr. Duckworth: how is it my job to improve your IT skills?

I feel like people who have signatures that look like this:

"*If you are not the intended recipient, please contact the sender and delete this e-mail, any attachments and all copies."

should not be wasting my time.

ETA: I did, actually, send him this, because he clearly needs to know.

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