walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Monorail! Seriously.

You know, it was one thing when it was just Nordstrom's and Starbucks and Amazon following me wherever I went.

But now it is monorails!


"Under her vision, [Waltham Mayor Jeanette] McCarthy said she would hope to have an elevated electric monorail built that would connect Burlington to Waltham and then run down to Westwood and connect to the existing Fitchburg/South Acton commuter rail."

Monorail. Connecting to my commuter rail line.

This will never actually happen, but I wonder what will happen instead?

ETA: Not the only or first monorail initiative in the area.


Here's an example of Use Monorail As Kooky Way to Get Attention to Serious Infrastructure:


Which is finally working (not the monorail -- MBTA finally working to get service to New Bedford and Fall River)!


This is sort of my theory about monorail initiatives. If they get going, it usually a sign that there is a more traditional infrastructure development that needs to occur, but isn't happening because it is big and expensive and people would like to Not Have to Be In Charge Of That.
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