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I Guess What They Say About Philosophers Is True

I often (seriously, at least once a week) get misdirected email at my secondary email address. I usually just send a reply asking to be removed from the list. I rarely get further responses, occasionally an apology. Very, very, very rarely, someone argues with me.

Somebody argued with me. Let's have some fun with him!

The person can be found on this faculty list:


Looks like this sports college (probably doesn't mean college the way we mean college) [ETA: looks like a sports college is roughly equivalent to a sports magnet school at the high school level] is located about 50 miles from where my cousin R. lives. But that is as closely connected as I could possibly make us.

Anyway. Here's the first email:

> Afternoon folks
> Please find attached the PPT for your assessment.
> Remember- read the success criteria carefully.
> Use up to date research, including the recent Taleban attacks in Pakistan. Did killing bin Laden prevent these attacks? So, evaluate whether it was justified killing him.
> Any problems, email me. Good luck and have a nice Christmas break.

To which I replied my usual:

"Please remove me from your list. I do not know you."

This is the point where these exchanges usually end. But no! He's a philosopher! So he MUST be right. It is unimaginable that he might be wrong.

"[My first name], it's [Mr. last name], your Philosophy teacher. I emailed you with the PPT for your Social Studies assessment as requested."

I sat back when I read this, because I'm telling you, THIS NEVER HAPPENS. I think this is in fact the very first time this has ever happened, and I've been getting misdirected email for YEARS.

So I sent him:

"[Mr. last name] either your intelligence or your assessment of your student's intelligence is not what it could be. I DO NOT KNOW YOU. I am not in your class. You are not my teacher. In all likelihood, we don't live in the same state and we might not live in the same country or even on the same continent. Someone gave you my email address incorrectly OR you transcribed it incorrectly. Please remove me from your list.

FWIW, I get incorrectly directed email fairly often, and it is rare for anyone to argue with me when I request to be removed from a list. I actually get apologies for the error more often than arguments. I guess what people say about philosophers is really true."

I enjoyed this immensely. I am sort of hoping that he is pissed off enough to send me another reply. If he does, I'm going to call the headmaster. Because FUN! Think about that -- philosophy teacher in South Yorkshire bugging some middle-aged American mother of two special needs in Massachusetts accusing her of being his student. THAT IS HILARIOUS!

He'll probably acquire some discretion and quit. *sigh*

ETA: Altho honestly, anyone who assigns a topic like that -- judge whether killing bin Laden was justified -- is pretty unlikely to acquire discretion any time soon. We can hope!

ETAYA: Damn. My subtle attempt to goad him into further foolishness has failed. He still needed to have the last word, tho, so I stand by my assertion about philosophers. I feel sorry for his students, but can't really justify contacting his administration.

"Many apologies for the error.

Sent from Samsung Mobile"
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