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Two Maya Banks novels: _Tempted By Her Innocent Kiss_, _Wanted by Her Lost Love_ SPOILERS

My sister and I share books, and we have somewhat overlapping tastes. So when I noticed she had bought some Mills & Boon/Harlequin categories written by Maya Banks, my interest was piqued, albeit only mildly.

These are two entries in a longer series, Pregnancy and Passion (#3 and #2, respectively) and the overlapping characters are more the men than the women. Maya Banks doesn't seem to write strong female relationships (hey, I don't even mean hot and heavy ones -- as near as I can tell, the female protagonists in Maya Banks novels are like Smurfette or the Highlander: there can be only one).

The arc that ties the group together is a hotel/resort development business run by a group of men, who all wind up in in relationships, married and reproducing, definitely NOT in that order, and with a lot of Big Miss drama to go with. Either the man or the woman or both have horrible family backgrounds. You know, all the things I don't love.

Nevertheless, Banks writing, while full of word-os (rung for wrung, type of thing) and not overly sophisticated, has huge narrative momentum. When one of these things got annoying, I just read faster so I would get to the end quicker, I didn't abandon it. And I did read two in a row, because they were there, altho I did have the presence of mind to not buy any more. In a fit of morbid curiosity, I checked to see if my sister had bought more, but she apparently tired of these as well (or possibly had them in paperback from the thrift store or library), so I'm probably safe. For now.

I can't recommend them, but if you like hormonally driven, Big Misunderstanding Crazy out of order relationship with baby on the way, these might do it for you.

ETA: Oh, you came here for spoilers? Here you go.

_Wanted_ has a backstory. College woman swept off her feet by a rich man whose fam does not like her. Future mum-in-law convinced much younger future bro-in-law to assault/attempt rape her, and then go to the rich man and tell a Potiphar's Wife story. Rich man believes bro, rather than fiance (seriously? He's this age and hasn't figured out the toxic wasteland that is his family? Not sure I'd want to ever be around him ever again), writes her a check and tells her to git. By the time the story proper begins (we get all this in backwards looks), he's hired an investigator to track her down and find out why the check wasn't cashed, finds out she's pregnant with pre-eclampsia and hijacks her out of her new life of poverty (her mom is, if anything, marginally worse than his) and drops her back into the old one. Antics ensue. And boy, they are not fun. This is a weird one, in that nominally everyone has all the information, but Rich Dude is an idiot and in denial. Really hard core denial. I'm a little confused with the woman didn't go to the cops since she had a couple weeks worth of bruises, and a police report on bro might have changed the dynamic. *shrug*

_Innocent_ is even sillier. Merger facilitated by old guy's desire to marry off his Manic Pixie Dream Girl daughter to someone who will Take Care Of Her. She finds out on the wedding night, demands to know if her new hubs loves her, and he chokes. Because, idiot. Then she does something even more ridiculous ("I'll change myself into someone he can love!" Seriously. He loves you. He just has a massive communication problem.) that triggers a longstanding migraine issue. Antics ensue. *sigh* Payoff for her is funding for the animal shelter and a farmhouse in Greenwich to raise the kiddies in. Oy.

There's really nothing like ripping one of these plots from a historical novel and pasting it into a contemporary to make you really pause and go, Jayzus these are a bunch of foolishness.
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