walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Ah, the mysteries of clothing sizes

Columbia has 1X aka 16W-18W long sleeved stretchy shirts that fit me just fine. Nominally, the bust is 43-45 inches.

Talbots has 1X aka 14W-16W, nominally 43-45 inches. In a poly-filled vest, didn't even get close to closing (like, many inches apart).

Go figure.

Altho I will note that I have encountered wildly erratic sizing in Talbots clothing over the years, in both way smaller than expected and way larger than expected.

ETA: To be fair, I typically get the Columbia 2X top instead, but the 1X really does fit just fine in the style I wanted (I know, because someone else got me one). And I exaggerated slightly about the Talbots vest -- I could get it to close, over a single, very thin layer, but it sure didn't look good and when you wear a filled vest that tight, it sort of defeats the entire purpose of the loose insulation for warmth effect.
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