walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Ah, Syncing Problems

I am not sure what happened. However, using Apple Notes, I have three accounts linked -- icloud, google and my ISP. Occasionally, there will be a little hiccup and something won't sync and then I can't convince Apple Notes to start syncing again so I copy the most current version into a new note, that one syncs and I roll my eyes, remember how horrible Evernote was to me and try not to get too mad.

Today, however, I realized that iCloud wasn't syncing on my phone (or, for that matter, on my sister's phone, and there are some relationships between those phones, like, they are on the same wireless provider account, and we have some stuff on a shared AppleID, some stuff through Family Sharing and some stuff not shared) and ISP wasn't syncing on my Mac. I _could_ in theory move all the notes to Google, but I was feeling like that was ridiculous.

So I unhooked the ISP notes across the board and focused on getting iCloud to sync. Which I did, altho at this point, I could not tell you which thing that I tried actually worked. Then I had to do the note restart trick and all seems well at the moment. But I am now back to not trusting it, which is the feeling that tends to cause me to resort to paper, and paper notes have never worked really well for me, not the way notes on my phone and similar has been working for the last year.

I am chagrined.
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