walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

i3 and snow! Baby steps

I did not drive the i3 out to Albany for the holiday. However, upon our return, R. got the snow blower out and cleared the driveway as best he could. When the road is plowed, obvs, the driveway gets this crust at the edge of ice and snow and yuckiness. It can be mildly exciting (actually, you can get stuck in this, if it is a really big storm, but this one wasn't that big where we live). So I was really interested to feel what it would be like going through it in the i3, since the snow blower doesn't necessarily reduce it entirely.

Turns out the tallness of the wheels really is kind of a win. I'm sort of looking forward to a real chance to drive in the snow, rather than a couple days later after the roads have been plowed and treated to bare pavement.
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