walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Fun conversations

I took my son to his gymnastics class today. P. called over to B. that People magazine had voted Chris Hemsworth Sexiest Man alive. B. acknowledged this. I piped up with, "How did they pick between Chris and Liam?" B. said, because Chris is manlier than Liam. Liam could win prettiest man alive.

So, this is _gymnastics_. B. is wearing workboots, a white t-shirt and blue jeans, because he is painting and he is smokin' hot, because I do not think it is possible to get fitter than him at any age, and he's probably within a few years of my age which just makes that even cooler. P. is younger, equally fit (I have seen him doing things upside down on a scaffold that just don't really seem possible). These two gorgeous men are discussing who won the sexiest man alive context and one of them has come up with an epic comeback. I recover from being stunned and say, "I am impressed by your ready response!" to B., who then says, "It's only because I have no filter."

I love love love my life. It has the most entertaining people in it, ever.
Tags: daily activities
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