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_Seventh Grave and No Body_, Darynda Jones, SPOILERS run or the HELLHOUNDS WILL GET YOU!!!!!

Well, this isn't sacred, consecrated or holy ground, but it'll have to do. I think we are safe from people who fear spoilers, amirite?

This is book 7 in the Charley Davidson series, set in and around Albuquerque. Charley and Reyes move from expecting and "affianced", as Charley says over and over and (over and over and over) you get the idea. Charley's use of "affianced" as a verb and a noun is so relentless and annoying, that I'm really thinking about giving up on the series at this point. I'll probably change my mind some time after book 8 comes out and I have another cold. I seem to read these books when I am sick.

Where was I? Oh, they get married, nixing Gemma's improbably complex plans for a wedding.

Charley develops new powers. She _has_ healed people in the past; in this book, she gets past her total denial of that ability and starts using it consciously, not to say wantonly, up to and including resurrection. Rocket comes to chastise her about it because he has to erase names from the walls of the asylum. Poor Charley.

Bunch of stuff with dogs, including Artemis and the hellhounds. The demon killing knife gets deployed in improbable and, when it happens, you definitely expect the outcome ways. More confusion surrounding the prophecy. Garrett as baby daddy gets to reconnect with the mommy and kid.

But the real theme of the book is basically the theme of the whole series: Charley, you need to set better priorities. Charley, you risk yourself for really dumb things. Charley, you need to start acting like a real grownup now. It's like this thing is squarely marketed at the quarter life crisis crowd. Since I'm middle aged, and I don't think anyone has ever told me I need to grow up any more than I already have, this isn't really aimed at me. Which is a pity, because there is some high quality violence in this series. I continue to find the sex kind of meh, especially as it gets more and more supernaturally involved. Turns out I like my sex scenes to be high on the biological detail and low on woo woo stuff.

Don't start with this book. And make sure you've knocked your IQ down a few points (sleep deprivation, illness, mind altering substances all should work fine) before attempting to read them. Because if you think about them for any length of time at all, they don't make sense. [ETA: Specifically, given Charley's life history and powers, if Charley didn't engage in relentless self-stupidification, why would she need anyone else? So why do her friends want her to "grow up"? The author and Reyes are both aware of this, which actually makes it even less fun.]

Also, it turns out that the sentences in Dutch that Reyes periodically utters towards Charley Do Not Amuse Me.
Tags: book review, paranormal fiction

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