walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Disney Photos, expect updates on this

I finally went over to the photos to start downloading them and noticed there was a Download All button. Keen! Nothing seemed to happen. Hmmm. So I went to the My Downloads page. Nothing there. Tried the Download All button again. It has this to say, in part: "Preparing Photos for Download
Processing: This might take up to 2 hours to complete. Please check back later."

Okee then. I'm going out to lunch, I think.

There are a bunch of photos this time (and I haven't even retrieved the Belle story telling photos yet), because there were 12 of us going on rides and for once, we started the vacation with everyone linked properly and MemoryMaker pre-purchased. And while R. and I were not organized enough to take advantage of photographers, the other two families were, so there are some great photos to go with the restaurant stuff and the ride photos. 203 MB worth, apparently.

ETA: It produced 5 zip archives. Everything seems to have unzipped fine and I got them on Flickr, so hopefully they will not soon disappear. Disney makes some ride videos, and it looks like they actually embed some ride video from things like Tower of Terror along with stock footage -- that's sort of cool. Altho the Wow I Look Like a Dufus factor is pretty high here.
Tags: trip report
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