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November 2014 WDW Trip Report: Grand Floridian, including Park Fare, Citricos Domaine

We stayed at the Grand Floridian. The two bedroom villa is a little different at GF vs. BLT, where we have stayed in the past. I like the layout better. Instead of a sleeper chair, there's Murphy bed (single) under the TV in the living area, along with the usual double sleeper sofa. T. really liked that bed. The fridge in the kitchen is one of those two-drawer freezer affairs. It worked fine.

I don't think anyone used the big tub. The large shower is just like what we're used to and a combo is a combo is a combo. Our room was first floor near the entry, which was convenient in some ways, and a little noisy in others. Also, we picked up some wafting cigarette smoke on occasion; not sure why because there isn't a smoking area near there. People.

We had dinner with the whole group (12 -- half adults, half kids) at Park Fare, which was new for us (we did Chef Mickey and O'hana also, but those were basically same old same old, always fun). The characters were deliciously smarmy and very entertaining. Food was good -- buffet, but not mirrored so a lot of selection. Allergies were handled well for me and the child in the group with allergies (who has more and more severe than I do).

The adults only had dinner at Citricos, in the private dining area called "the Domaine" (possibly spelled wrong). Normally, you should reserve this and expected a substantial minimum check (I think they said $650, but obvs you would ask when you made a reservation). Citricos is a $40+/entree sort of place and you can get a dozen people in the room so hitting the minimum should not require a ton of effort with a large group. Since they decided to seat us there, we didn't have to hit the minimum, and I suspect we didn't get as much chef attention as normally is part of the deal, however, our server was amazing and the chef came out to deal with my allergies. It is _amazingly quiet_ in that room. I am wildly excited about the idea of reserving private dining spaces; I will get over this once I try to set this up somewhere else and feel sticker shock and decide Hey I Don't Really Need That After All. But it was great being able to have conversations around the table and not constantly be going, "WHAT DID YOU SAY?"

R. and I have been to Citricos before. Having been twice, we think that the pork is probably just about the best thing on the menu. Altho that tofu thing, which I got last time and my sister got this time, is really amazing, too. Gotta remember to order some Domaine Serene -- we had the Yamhill and it was nice.

T. and I bought the refillable mugs. I don't think T. got his money's worth; I probably did. We ate at Beaches once and at Gasparilla's a couple times. I have no complaints about either. The pool only has the one slide (it's quite decent) -- no small slide and no hot tub that we spotted. Great splash area. Getting from the ground floor to the monorail is interesting. At BLT, we usually take the bridge across, so it's walk to elevator, bridge to the Contemporary and up the escalator or elevator to the monorail. At GF, it's walk over, and then around part of the interior courtyard to either elevator or stairs, then backtrack to the monorail. It's probably shorter overall, but feels weird every time because there really is no direct route. Monorail to MK or TTC to switch to Epcot. Monorail or boat back from MK (I guess you could boat over, too, altho why? It's just the one stop on the monorail). Buses to Hollywood and AK. Lots of benches at the bus stop.
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